Why Go Digital

Every new media that came into existence from print to radio to television,it took time for public acceptance and usage familiarity. Once it was accepted it became an integral part of businesses to promote or spread information about themselves their business. There was no looking back. Similarly digital has emerged as a new media. Not that the other traditional media has faded out. It is pretty much strong as well and has more acceptance than digital media. So why have a digital strategy? Here are 12 reasons :

First Gateway

Web/digital presence is the first quick gateway to the newly established company's identity and recognition.

First Steps to Brand Building

Digital presence helps to take first step towards recognition, brand building, trust and reputation.

Increased Use of Digital Media

With more global and Indian audience population using web and mobile media,It becomes only imperative that your company has a digital and online strategy

Announcements /Updates

The various digital assets in your digital strategy help you to make announcements ,give updates to your customers on the go so that they remain updated.

Abreast With Your Competition

Customer is leaning more and more towards digital media,your competitor is going digital to cater to them. As this happens you have only two choices i.e. to go digital and acquire you customer or lose out on your digital customer.

Be There Where Your Customer Is

Just imagine a situation where customers are searching for your company’s offerings all over the internet and they cannot reach you because you do not have a digital presence . It could means loss of business for you. Hence it is a must that you pop up when they are looking for you!

Analytics and Reports

No other media gives you such precise analytics on audience interaction with your brand as a digital media! The reports give analytics on not just the number of interactions but also on how they came, the devices they used, the actions they took etc.

Campaigns / Promotions

Digital marketing campaigns are a part of your digital strategy .The campaigns delivered on this media can be targeted precisely to audience ,diversified and optimised on the go. And some of it can be done with negligible costs unlike traditional media .

Cost Effective Marketing

Promoting your business on digital platforms is definitely more cost effective than TV, Radio, Print and ROIs can be measured more precisely. Almost all of the companies look at digital initiatives as a measure of reducing cost in the form of CRM, cloud, CMS, digital marketing, E platforms etc. They can be effectively scaled up and each of them service a different sector. In an age where operational excellence is the norm, this strategy looks like it’s aimed at survival rather than creating a source of comparative advantage.

Digital strategy therefore is a well thought process which binds common digital thread in the entire value chain of the business. Any lose end in the entire digital strategy will create disrupt the consumer experience and harm the business. Digital strategy is not just online marketing but it is the entire strategy binding together all the elements of business.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition modules integrated within your digital assets allows you to acquire ‘leads’ and customer database .Hence your sales cycle begins much before the customer walks in.

Show Case

In the current scenario , in many industries it has been observed that the sales cycle begins when the customer is browsing through your website /digital assets. He/she makes up his/her mind towards buying the service/product while browsing itself! Here a Digital Strategy provides an instant platform for your company to showcase their products/services for your B2B or B2C audiences.

Customer Engagement Platform

Your Digital strategy allows an instant engagement tool for the customer to inquire /complain. This engagement takes your brand a long way towards customer retention.

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