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Who Can Gain From Digitization

When the digital revolution began, business sectors and industries had to look at great efforts to completely change their style of operation. And then they could not avoid it as their business associates were also going the digital way at their end. Aligning with them was necessary. There came a time when the customer too turned towards digital media for exploring and purchasing products and offerings. Now this was the biggest turning point. The social- local –mobile aspect of digital promotions influenced the sale and purchase of goods. The customer could be targeted precisely depending upon his current social profile and location through customised digital marketing strategy. As time passed, some sectors such as travel Industry, BFSI, FMCG and Retail emerged to be winners by adopting and adapting to digital. There was no looking back for them.

Digital revolution has not only made business easy but has led to the emergence of new digital business ideas. Entrepreneurs have popped up from everywhere and became successful in a short span of time. If this is not enough mobile devices give businesses an extra edge to reach , promote and convert.

So now if your questions are – who can gain from going digital? Should only large businesses go online? Does it take a lot of investment to market yourself online? The answer is YES any business can gain from going digital .Whether you want to promote your business or yourself,or you want to operate it digitally ,you can gain from it in a big way provided you do it correctly. Also any small business too can go online and the beauty is that you can start your digital presence as well as marketing for free beginning with social media!

So you can gain from going digital if you

  • Want to expand the business revenue beyond offline sales from Online sales
  • Want to build awareness about products with an acute targeted marketing
  • Want to go for brand building with some budget constraints.
  • Want to go ahead of your competitors in terms of tapping your audience
  • Want to go for ‘Pull marketing’
  • Want cost effective marketing with correct analyses of ROI
  • Want to give customers a platform to directly interact with them
  • Want to solve customer grievances.
  • Want to maintain a continuous and methodical Customer relationship for long term
  • Want to speed up processes with minimum human intervention
  • Want to facilitate a information /content sharing without physical sharing
  • Want to go paperless to aggregate,store and manage data.
  • Want to ‘listen’ to what customers are talking about your industry and products.

Its also our process to move with the times!