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Search Engine Marketing

Also known as SEM or Google AdWords marketing, Search Engine Marketing in its simplest form is nothing but the text ads you see in the search results list of search engines such as Google or Bing .These ads can be clicked to reach a targeted website or landing page . Search Engine Marketing is based on “pull” marketing strategy .Here the visitor types his/her desired search term on the search engine to ‘pull’ out content (ads in this case) which is most relevant to the search term entered. The search engine ads can be bought for seven positions on a search engine result page (SERP) which is the page where you see the result of your search. Among the well-known Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, Google is used more than 80% of the time to run ads as the highest number of searches happen on Google. These ads run on a pay per click (PPC) model


The pay per click or cost per click models makes you pay only when your ad is clicked by the visitors. Hence there is no additional media cost for you.

How can we help you to run your search engine marketing campaign

Based on your objective to run a search engine marketing campaign, we will design a SEM campaign with the most relevant search terms that fit your business idea and make sense to your audience. The complete keyword or search term strategy along with the ad copies will be created and the campaign will be set up and run for you within your released budgets and schedule. The campaigns will be monitored and optimised by us and reports will be shared with you for a collective decision making.

Its also our process to move with the times!