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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is about marketing your business through push campaigns on mobile devices.The idea is to market a business specifically to mobile device users. The mobile devices include smartphones, tablets or other devices. The campaigns could be in the form of banners, text or videos or various other ad formats offered by social media channels or websites.

Why do you need a strategy for Mobile Marketing

Browsing and buying have both shifted to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As 40% of internet time is spent through mobile phones, attracting customers through mobile devices cannot be skipped. More than 80% of the device time is spent on mobile apps. People browse 70% more web pages on tablets than smartphones. Online purchases rates are 2.2% on tablets and 0.7% on smartphones. As brands are moving from websites to apps, so is the consumer. And so mobile marketing strategy becomes an important part of your marketing plan

Platforms for Mobile Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of options for Mobile marketing to choose from

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile In app marketing allows brands to create ads and promote it within third party apps through ad networks. Additionally, mobile apps of social media platforms allow ads integrated seamlessly with the post feeds

Mobile Banner Marketing

Mobile banner ads are customised to serve on mobile phones and tablets.

Location Based Targeting

Ads can be served to audience when they are within a certain predecided radius of the business outlet or shop.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps of social media platforms allow ads integrated seamlessly with the post feeds

Mobile Search Ads

Ads integrated by search engines such as Google ads platform allow to show customised mobile search ads .These are displayed on searches and could have integrated call buttons and maps.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing gives businesses a chance to push a promotional message to their “optin” customer database on their mobile phones. The beauty of this is that messages could contain clickable links, click to call phone numbers, coupons etc for an instant call to action or conversion mechanism.

QR Codes

QR codes are coded with information that is mapped to a mobile page that the business wants to promote.

Its also our process to move with the times!