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Marketing Automation

Marketing has now emerged beyond just a single message ‘push’ or ‘pull’ campaigns. Businesses are now tracking their customer from the time they first see or engage with a promotion to the time they convert or opt out. Thanks to the advanced marketing automation tools. These tools allow businesses to guide the audience, track the customer engagement events or generate personalized campaigns based on these events and customers interest.

Such is the power of these tools is that a customer can be sent personalized messages through email, website pop ups, social media messaging and text messages depending upon their navigation path on the website or other online interactions such has email clicks, registrations, cart abandonment or purchase etc.

Marketing Automation is a Part of CRM

CRM or customer relationship management is a vital process of marketing. Businesses have moved on from manual customer relationship management process to softwares that help them to store their customer data in terms of lead capture, to customer profiling, purchase history and campaign data in terms of campaign count, channels, leads delivered and conversions etc. Thus helping to decide the success of a campaign. Marketing automation tools have come in as a strong 'lead nurturing' 'arm' of the CRM systems and can be integrated with CRM systems.

What do marketing automation tools help you with?

Campaign tracking

You can track the schedule, channels , time , period & target audience list for a campaign to take the action at the triggers

lead tracking

Marketing automation tools help lead tracking from the time they are capture to the time they convert or opt out.

Audience Segmentation

Segmenting audience based on campaign events can be achieved without manual processes.

Audience Targeting

Automated segmentation sharpens targeting of audience with the precise communication.

Lead Management and Nurturing

Lead management and nurturing is the primary and integral part of marketing automation tools.

Social Marketing

Marketing automation tools have made scheduling and analytics easy for social media marketing.


Robust campaign analysis and analytics are rewards that can be expected from marketing automation.


You can monitor and improvise your ROIs real time to optimize campaigns.

If you are business that has a multichannel lead capturing and management operations with large audience traction and constant campaigns, marketing automation is the answer. We can help you identify the system needs and facilitate to choose from various options available in market to optimize your marketing and sales.

Its also our process to move with the times!