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Digital Marketing Services

As consumers shift their focus from word of mouth to internet to look for products and services, the brand’s need for continuous digital marketing services becomes inevitable. It is obviously not practical for the businesses to set up a special digital division to manage their digital marketing strategy and campaigns. Exactly here Digital Direxions aims to support them as their ‘digital arm’ to promote/market their business digitally.

At Digital Direxions we indulge with the marketing plans at the conceptual stage to understand the objective, product/service to be promoted, understand the audience and the geographical locations to be targeted. We then design a comprehensive digital marketing strategy based on these factors and a budget comfortable to the company.

Our Digital Marketing Services can be availed of either in part by part ‘pick and choose’ or as a comprehensive complete digital partner model. This helps you to work with a small or a large budget at your will. We can also work directly with your inhouse IT team if required or we can facilitate the same from our side.

We Have Broadly Divided Our Digital Marketing Services .

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital marketing strategists build and design a strategy for your business under this option for a long term goal. We devise a strategy for your brand exposure on the right digital channel at the right time.

Website Development Services

This gives you the option to develop the website with us in case you don’t have one. Under this vertical we devise the website strategy, design, development, hosting, launch and maintenance.


Search engine Optimization offers options of on-page, off-page and technical SEO to grow your business’ digital presence organically.

Content Marketing

For brands that can build reputation on content, we offer a content marketing strategy. The content strategy will include ideation, designing, development and launch.

Mobile Marketing

If your audience is on mobile, you can reach out to them SMS or WhatsApp by quick campaigns on SMS, WhatsApp or in the application.

Mobile App Development

If your audience is on the mobile platform and you need to be there for branding or utility purposes, then we can help you with that. We help strategize, design, development, launch and promote mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation platforms help not only to promote to your customer but they help you to segment ,nurture remarket and convert them. With exhaustive reports and analytics they can increase you sales optimization to a high level .

Digital Engagement Solutions

Standalone Customer engagement products can help increase customer interest. We help your create various such content. They could range from ebooks, brochures, panoramas, VR, AR etc.

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