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Do I need a website to go digital?

It is necessary to have a landing page where you will send your audience through a campaign.However depending upon the business,a website can be complex or simple.


Is it possible to promote my business for free on internet?

While you can create your social media pages for free, the content which you need to promote will have to be created. There is a cost for creating this images, graphic or video content.


What is the cost of a basic website?

The website cost can be estimated post the requirements for your website have been understood.


Can we use images for marketing which are available on the internet?

Images available over the internet may be copy righted .Some websites offer free stock images which could be used without cost. Images can also be bought from these sites and used without a problem


Who will write the content for my website or social media pages ?

The website content has to be provided by the business owners post the keywords research and analysis done by our team. Social media content can be provided by any of the teams once a social media content strategy has been put in place and both the teams are aware of the same.


What are paid media campaigns?

Campaigns where you will need to buy media (space) to show your advert are called paid Campaigns.Campaigns such as google text ads on google search engine pages,banner ads by google on websites, Facebook.

Its also our process to move with the times!