Website Development Services

Under the website development services  we offer a complete end to end package from website design and development to hosting and website management  .Our cohesive package in the aspect covers all that is involved to create and upkeep a website so that you just need to take care of your business and leave your business website to us to manage.

Part A

Website Strategy
Website Design
Website Development
Website Hosting
Website Launch

Part B

Website Maintenance
  • Understand your business
  • Understand your goals and objectives to be achieved through the digital channel
  • Understand your customer behaviour and needs
  • Understand your competitors in the market
  • Understand the digital reach and possibilities

Website Strategy

  • Orchestrate and convert the learning from the website strategy exercise into website features and functionalities for a custom website.
  • Adapt user friendly and pre-emptive layouts for easy navigation and a responsive website development.
  • Design a logical architecture and site map.

Website Design

  • Wire framing the layouts as per website design.
  • Coding and Implementation of the website design.
  • Content development (done by the client).
  • Testing and approvals.
  • Rework and optimization.

Website Development

  • Domain purchase, hosting and mapping.
  • Free email hosting (up to 10 email ids)
  • Hosting or uploading the website on the live server
  • Soft Launch to test and rectify internally

Website Hosting

    Post the soft launch the feedback from both the teams are implemented to issue the final website launch.
    This launch will be the version of the website that is ready to be promoted and pushed for business.

Website Launch

We will take care of that while relax and concentrate on your business. Broadly we will take care of:

  • Domain and Hosting management
  • Website up keep and error resolution.
  • Website updates and content management.

Website Maintenance

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