Customised Digital Solutions

As your company moves with the trends of digitization, it needs to cover the digitization of incoming data as well as data flowing within the system and outside the system. The incoming data needs to be captured, processed, analysed and reported digitally to customize the smooth digitization of your business. The point here is to allow minimum manual data handling to eliminate human errors. As you are digitizing your business in all aspects internally and within the workflow of all departments, all your data flows through your systems digitally. Here is the need of custom digital solutions that can fit not just into your business model but also the specific workflows within your divisions such as finance, HR, marketing etc. The integrated digital solutions help attain speed and accuracy in your business. The reports produced help in optimizing the processes further.

Digital Direxions acts as a facilitator and guide to help you choose and implement the appropriate digital solution as per your needs. We sit with you to do a requirement and scope analysis to come up about the possible solutions you could integrate with. Once you decide on them we facilitate the complete sourcing, integration and the best possible customisation for you.

CRM Platform

There are multiple digital platforms which can be used to optimize the reach to the consumer. CRM is one such platform which not only reaches out to the existing but also to the potential consumer. CRM or the customer relationship management solution redefines the touch points with the consumer without physically being present and in an effortless manner. It delivers the message with accuracy and precision. Entire value chain can be covered with CRM.

SMS Marketing Platform

Inhouse bulk SMS marketing platforms can help you with your SMS marketing campaigns on your own opt-in database from time to time. Also this platform can be integrated with your ERP and CRM systems to administer transactional SMS for the required processes. SMS shortcode services are also a part of this area and they can be provided.

CTI or Caller Telephony Integration Software

The CTI software is a robust technology to set up a “call center” in your office. Its advanced features allows multiple calling from computers through virtual numbers, call recording features, DND, call forwarding, call back, call barge, call monitoring, integrated IVR solution, audience identification, social media integration, chat and chat bots etc.

ERP and Cloud Services

Digitization and technology has enabled the data processing and predicted decision making. It is a new tool of decision making for the top management. With universal market and geographies, the distance constraints of management have been reduced with data getting stored on cloud platforms. It is virtually accessible from the whole world and with complete accuracy and no down time.

Marketing Automation Software

When you want to give an “automated reaction ” in the form of an email, SMS or pop ups etc. to an action or event generated by your customer then the marketing automation software helps you do just that.

Digital Marketing Tools

We help you to choose and advise you to acquire some very important digital marketing tools and reports important for your campaign optimization.

Cloud Telephony Services

If your business needs a bulk of virtual numbers, missed call services, place a call, bulk calling etc. we can facilitate them and have them integrated within your system.

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions provide you with the freedom to accomplish your mass mailing campaigns without the worry of getting your domain blacklisted. Additionally, these campaigns can be easily integrated with your CRM platforms.

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