Content Marketing Services

A lot of research is done by internet visitors across the net to gather knowledge and information on various independent subjects or subjects related to a product or service or brands. All the knowledge gathering is not just beneficial for the visitors but also for the brands or entities who distribute the content as the trust and traffic both go up for them. Constant content of high quality can do wonders for a business/brand. However it is also important that the content is distributed under a content plan or content strategy under a defined schedule. This is also called a content marketing strategy. Content marketing services are dedicated to this cause and do justice to the content marketing strategy of the business while they concentrate on their business.

When do you need content marketing?

It is only Content that the audience consumes on the internet day in and day out . They research, learn, apply knowledge from the content in their daily tasks and decision making. If they find useful or beneficial content for their topic of interest on a digital property (social media or websites) ,they will follow the property closely and loyally. Thus a brand/person/business can build an image in their audiences’ minds about themselves through digital content.Businesses can take this opportunity to connect with their audience and build loyalty through content. Content marketing can thus be used to-

Build your brand

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  • providing useful and interesting content
  • Answering questions on concepts

are some basic brand building activities

  • Audience Engagement (contests and Offers)
  • Make announcements

Generate Traffic

Providing Useful and relevant content consistently based on themes and topics for your Target audience leads them to visit your websites or social media channels repeatedly. Videos, blogs, demos, case studies etc could help in generating traffic .This also helps in search engine optimization of your website

Generate leads

This is the most critical for your business. With constant impactful content and brand building activities making their impact, lead generation can be channelized through registration based premium content such as webinars for seriously interested audience. Leads could also be generated through brochure downloads, eBooks, free consultation programs etc

Nurture your potential audience

With many tools available in the marketing, you are now able to track each of your content marketing activities for their impact. As you build content for your sales funnel, the tracking can help you to nurture your audiences with customised content as per their stage of interest.

Maintain brand loyalty

Post sales service and reassurance is as important to maintaining audience trust as it is about building it .Product demos, Usage Literature, make announcements, special offers for existing clients etc. can assure brand loyalty on a long term basis. This also helps build brand authority over competitor brands

What type of content would you need for a content strategy?

Brand awareness, brand building and brand recall can be established by providing useful content to the audience. This content can be published in various formats such as news, videos, white papers, e-books, info graphics, email newsletters, case studies, podcasts, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, blogs ,demos, media galleries ,contests, offers ,discount coupons, live feeds , e brochures, tutorials, free online courses, games, branding apps, subscription text messages and updates etc and much more !

What will be included in content marketing services?

We will bring the complete end to end service for your content marketing plan.

Product and business analysis

Audience and objectives analysis

Content Strategy

Content calendar and schedules

Content Development ,Production And Sourcing Strategy