Who Can Gain From Digitization

Sectors that have and can always benefit are the travel Industry, BFSI, Health care, Automobile, FMCG and Retail. While we talk about these large sectors putting in money for digitization and digital marketing we absolutely don’t say that smaller businesses cannot gain from going digital. Infact all B2C and most B2B businesses can have a good positive impact on their business with digitization and digital marketing.So if you are pondering who can gain from digitization, just check if you fall in the business that wants to experience the following gains

  • Expand the business revenue from offline sales to Online sales
  • Wants to build awareness about products with an acute targeted marketing
  • Wants to go for brand building with some budget constraints.
  • Wants to go digital because their competitors are doing it.
  • Wants to go for ‘Pull marketing’
  • Wants cost effective marketing with correct analyses of ROI
  • Wants to give customers a platform to directly interact with them
  • Wants to solve customer grievances.
  • Wants to maintain a continuous and methodical Customer relationship for long term
  • Wants to speed up processes with minimum human intervention
  • Wants to facilitate a information /content sharing without physical sharing
  • Wants to go paperless to aggregate,store and manage data.


Digital marketing, social media marketing , online marketing are all large complex tools however if they are not bound by a digital strategy then implementing them would not yield desired results. This is where digital direxions steps in and helps you build the digital strategy for your company. And in case already have one then digital direxions would not only help you to build a cross platform marketing plan but also execute and optimize it. We deal with multiple aspects of digital world including the digital transformation of the company and some of the areas where we have expertise are digital strategy, digital marketing, custom digital solutions, digital engagement products, content marketing services, mobile marketing. Digital direxions is your road to online noise.